Come see little Natalie boy thanks to Msmimi04

A while back I was looking for a kit to make a baby for a dementia patient. @Msmimi04 was so gracious to donate a little Natalie kit and some clothing. The clothing was for a girl and the buyer decided she wanted him as as boy so the clothing will go to another baby. I wanted to share the finished baby.
Pics are not great though it is raining here.
This is the link to his FB album.


He is so precious! I know they loved him!

He’s adorable! He will be so loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He’s going to be very loved and the kit is cute as a boy!

Really cute. For some reason, this kit has never really appealed to me but it does now.

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That’s a very cute kit!

Stunning baby, you are going to bring so much joy!

Wow so cute!!

He is so cute as a boy! :heart_eyes:

So so so Cute!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thank you everyone!