Come on bb release Asher PLEASE 😊

Ok going to a work shop next week I’m so excited but I really really really want Asher!! Can’t you just release him I’m beggin you bb lol Pretty please lol!!!

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I don’t want Asher but I envy you getting to go to a workshop! Have fun!

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Perhaps Asher will be available for several days unlike Presley Asleep and you will have an opportunity to buy one. Perhaps you could have a friend watch for the release and order for you?

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@calimel - Presley Awake is still available and my guess is that there will be about 7% released later for defective replacement. I agree that Asleep Presley was more popular because he was first! I think
Asher will take a bit to sell out too.

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I am waiting for Miracle’s preorder to start at 5:00 CDT. That will cost me some bucks! LLE kits have lasted for 3-5 minutes in the past! 1400 in this edition.

Central Daylight Time - it is one hour earlier than Eastern. Preorder opens at 6:00 Eastern.

Yes, I don’t want Asher released just yet as Miracle comes out today. Give us some time! lol

I hear ya there I just got a bill myself Damn utility companies lol my light bill is so high from having the A/c on ugghh

Are you all ordering Miracle from her website?

Where can you order miracle if you don’t mind me asking

Laura Lee originals for Miracle . Check her website because the is more suppliers from Germany, UK, Canada , Russia etc.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There were still 200 + Presleys last time I looked, I would not expect Asher to come out until they are gone. Which is good; I have spent too much in the past few weeks, if Asher aslep comes out too soon, I will probably not get him; I am bit undecided if I like him enough or not. :smile:

Asher alseep is finally here!!! i just bought one. im sooooooooo happy!!!

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