Color mixing recipes-has anyone else used it?

I bought a book titled Color Mixing Recipes For Portraits by William F. Powell. It has clear directions for what amounts of color and mediums needed to achieve the color pictured. There are lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions on which colors to put where for shading, highlighting, etc. There’s even a plastic color mixing grid at the back so you can measure out the correct amount of each color. It was written for use with oils, acrylics and watercolors. It’s $9.95 + shipping on the Barnes and Noble website. It’s so worth it. Two thumbs up IMO.


Thanks for this Jean. My sister used to paint with Bill Powell, he also lived in my mom’s trailer park. He’s a great artist and very nice man. Small world huh?!

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I have one of his mixing books and love it! I don’t actually use the grid, just the book for reference.