Collectors, what is your size preference for your babies?

I personally :heart:️ bigger babies, 22 inches or better, super fun to dress up!


20 and above!


When I first started I used to like the big ones; then I realized the 18" - 19" are so much quicker to root :slight_smile:


Preemies and bigger babies lol

Newborn and 0-3 for me. I love holding newborn sized babies but clothing options are limited. 0-3 is a nice happy medium… good size, and lots of clothing possibilities. :slight_smile:

I love 20" and up, because they’re easier to buy clothes for. Toddlers are especially fun to dress.
For cuddling a 19/20" baby is the best size for me, though.
Then again, I also love my little Max, haha.

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Preemies and Newborns but especially preemies!!

I like them all!


Toddlers mostly… I keep most of the toddlers that I make… Although preemie Caleb is one of my favorites. My kids were adorable babies, but I really had fun with them when they became toddlers, Toddlers are just so cute and you can dress them so many ways, and push them around in strollers.

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