Coco Malu look-a-like

Hi everyone. I have a client who wants a reborn made to resemble her daughter. She thinks Coco Malu looks the most like her from the pics I showed her, but she wants a closed eye baby. I showed her other Elisa Marx babies, but she didn’t like any as much as Coco.

So my question is does anyone have suggestions if any babies that resemble Coco Malu but with closed eyes or any kits that resemble her daughter?




I don’t see how coco Malu looks like her … at list after the pictures .
Some people are very good in matching so I am sure something more closer will pop up .


I think she likes Coco Malu because her daughter has dimples. :wink:

What about Yannie?


Oh that one does look a lot like that last photo of her. :heart:

Oh nice!

Edited cause I see you gave the link :wink:

Not much of a help but TBH I’m not really seeing Coco Malu. I definitely see Elisa Marx babies.


This link is to the Marx kits on Macphersons. Maybe Angeli or Ylenia?

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I’ve suggested Ylenia but not Angeli yet. I think I will run that one by her. :blush:

I like this one but I think she’s sold out? :slightly_frowning_face:

It lets me add to cart from this link… but it is more than it says! $126.99

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On good. I couldn’t get that link to work earlier and it was sold out on Macphersons. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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She looks like Yannie

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I definitely see Yannie especially in the 3rd photo

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I can really see that. I’ll show her that one for sure. :slight_smile:

Sanas ping lau.