What size ones is Christopher? I’m at Walmart and they marked down there 3pk ones to $3.00. Would he fit a Preemie size?? I looked through the search but didn’t see it. The Carter’s preemie is larger than the Gerber preemie. Thanks in advance!! :grin:


Following :grin:

He would fit a preemie I think. I’m painting him and Johannah. The size difference is crazy.

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He is Preemie, but can fit newborn

Either preemie or small newborn fit great

He’d definitely fit preemie. Carters preemie is newborn sized anyway, in my opinion


Thanks. The set I want is only available in preemie, so that’s definitely works for me!!

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I thought he looked small. But I wasn’t really sure. I wanted to take advantage of the clearance sale!!