Clothes to fit 10" dolls

I just ordered two of the 10" kits that I am going to make for two young nieces for Christmas. Does anybody know where you can get clothes to fit them? Thanks,

Dolls so Real has Rosalina dresses but you might check on Etsy, too.

These are two sellers I’ve bought mini clothes from, and the quality of both is amazing!

The 9" at Woobiebabies is snug but it fits, and the 10" is a little looser but also fits.

The 10" - 12" clothes at bearsbynancyann fit perfectly.

I have made some outfits for the 10" BB kits. I have more planned. Are you looking for boy or girl clothing? I hope to be making shoes for them too! My seller ID on eBay is dollies4me.