Clothes cute and reasonable

Just wanted to let you all know, if you need baby clothes, Dolls by the Sandie has quite a few to choose from ( one stop shopping lol) great prices too, These little. Onsie dresses with jacket were only $14.99. And the little sleeper $4.99 I was only going to get one more (got one last week) but we all know how that goes Just wanted to share the info<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/f/9/f95fcf096e85573b848448beed888880171f2c67.JPG" width="669" height="499"><img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/6/1/61059e056f196dda078e26a055d482aaf0b7f920.JPG" width="669" height="499">



Thank you! So sweet to share! :kiss::heart:

You are welcome!

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