Christine Woolley hair painting tutorial

Is the 3d hair painting tutorial worth it? I want to just get the book and brush and use my GHSP, would I be able to follow the tutorial with heat set paint? I’m nervous to invest money into the tutorial if it only works with air dry paint… Anyone have any advice to share??


Get the book. Get brushes from a craft store and trim them down yourself :ok_hand:


When I was at the ROSE show I purchased the blonde tut and it came with the paints and brushes. I don’t know about the brown tut or if they still come with everything you need.

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Do you like the paints? I’m afraid of getting the tutorial with the kit since I don’t use air dry.

Here’s the honest truth, I have not used them or the tutorial. I’ve looked at it a lot but haven’t yet got the nerve to try it----one of these days!! LOL


I have the full Brown tutorial, and I do not like the paint. The book was very helpful and I use it with Genesis. I do think the pants are useful in that they show you what colors you should be mixing in GHSP. It also improved my rooting maps :wink:


I’m caving in, I’m gonna get the book. Now the question is whether to get the brown or blonde book!

Brown. It has a helpful bonus eyebrow tutorial. I was able to use the same principles (but in reverse) to learn to do blonde hair myself.


I have the Blonde set, but I use GHSP. I love the tutorial.

I just used the same principals with Darker haie


Hi there! can I get the water brushes from Michaels and what size? I see they have small and the detail brush and how do you trim the brushes? Thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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