Chimps, Gorilla, etc

Has anyone purchased the Prepainted, Rooted Chimps, Gorilla, etc. and if so what were your thoughts? Does the hair stay rooted, is it sealed? Were they good quality? thank you

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Have not purchased any of the pre painted rooted animals but I did order a pre painted rooted Blaze once and it was awful ! I stripped that kit and re-painted and re-rooted it.

I did hear that about the Blaze kit.

I ordered the painted rooted chimp when it was on sale. The hair is sealed and looks ok but the paint was a little monotone and blotchy. If it’s for a child it’s great/ just not super realistic. Hope this helps.


I have the pre painted sleeping gorilla, very cute, some do strip and repaint. I am leaving it like it is and putting the usual magnets etc… Looks like it will last forever! This is straight out of the box.


Yours looks good in the picture.

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I got the orangutan. The rooting is very pluggy, but doesn’t fall out. The painting is ok for what it is. I like him a lot.


I have the pre painted also, the hair stays in pretty good we brush them harshly. The paint job is not great but it’s not the worst either. They were for my kids and stayed as is.