Children and reborns...sometime ok

My granddaughter Hannah with her reborn I made for her about 3 years ago. She is now 10 and her mom just sent me these pics today. Hannah said she thinks its the most beautiful baby I’ve ever made. Its a Beruenger I got on sale at Dolls by Sandie with painted hair. She has taken good care of her.


Super sweet!!

Aw, what beautiful pictures. Some children can handle Reborns, you know I started a long time ago and that was the big thing-reborns were works of art-which I have never denied, I know it takes me months to finish one now but children are also mentally maturer(?if that is a proper term) then they were 15-16 years ago. Hannah appears to love her baby a great deal, but she also seems to know the value of it too. Besides not too many young ladies can say their Grandma “made” their special baby :heavy_heart_exclamation: Tell Miss Hannah, she has a beautiful name, my daughter’s name is Hannah, too.

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She is adorable ! Oh, and the baby is too.