Cheapest site to order wigs

While I am still planning to root this doll we still need a wig for another doll that is 16-17 wig size. Who has the cheapest options for mohair wigs? My mom gave my daughter a doll over the summer and her wig was full of glue and someone had cut off its curls, it looked awful so we removed the wig. Now my daughter is wanting to buy a new wig with red or auburn hair for that doll and I’m trying to find a cheap option.


this is the place a lady in one of my groups on fb told me about, I have not bought anything from so I don’t really know about them I’m new to the reborning community and am relying on information from others, as I try to fix things on my baby girl. I hope it helps and if you use them maybe you can give me some more feed back, oh the reason why the lady told me to use them is they have clear back wigs so you can really see it she said, I was going to buy one myself but the particular one i need is still sold out :frowning:

Dolls By Sandie has 16-17 inch wigs. This size is usually not super cheap. Dolls So Real has good products but, from what I can tell, their largest wigs are 14-15 inches. has all kinds of wigs in all kinds of sizes that are reasonably priced.

Both site are excellent and have great service!