Charles is Finished


Today i finished Charles Asleep
Am working a lot so have had mutch time
How does he look to you all done or miss a bit ?


Sorry my phone doesn’t make good pictures :confused:

Maybe more mottling? It’s hard to see. Maybe more lip color too, and creasing? Blushing I think too…Just more color in accent areas I guess.

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Yes my light is not good i have made some with flash

Hope these are some better it is here 17.26 and already become dark :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


If he were mine, I’d darken his lips just a little bit.


I love his eyelids! I think he def needs more blushing and lip color.


He looks so sweet! The eyebrows are incredible! I would just add some depth to what you have. Darken the creases and lips and increase the blushing a tiny bit.

I love this kit. You’ve done a great job with him.

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Like it was mentioned already - darker lips and more blush would be my steps.

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I agree with all of this, and do you do nails? Can’t tell from the pix.

Thank you so muctch i will darken the lips and crease and the i will do a varnish layer