Chanel different limbs

I know she has full legs, but has anyone made her using a different kits’ limbs?

Do you think June arms would work?

I’ve never done the kit, just went and looked at some pictures. I’m not really sure about June’s arms. Looks like kind of a dolly kit and June’s very real arms may highlight that. Plus I think there might be a size issue. I know the last time I tried realborn limbs on a sculpted kit, it ended up not looking right. Arms from a sculpted kit night work.

Ok, thanks…that was my thought as well. I like her face, though :slight_smile:

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I used Chanel legs on the Cutie I made because I wanted full limbs and Cutie’s legs are 3/4. Worked beautifully.


I like her legs, but was wanting a kit with full arms as well.

What do you think of Ivy’s limbs with Chanel head?

I wonder if the vinyl color would match?

Hmmm, might not.

Oh well, maybe I’ll just make her as-is…someone is sure to love her :slight_smile: She wouldn’t be a keeper for me

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She shares limbs with Sugar and Honey…

@Awise1to put her Sugar on a realborn body with 3/4 arms and full legs and it looked much cuter than the recommended body.

When I did my Sugar I used London’s limbs… my Chanel had her original limbs and bulky body… she seemed bigger than 20 inches.