Chalky spots

Good morning. I need some advice. I was working on the eyebrows of four kits. I didn’t like the eyebrows so I wiped them all of with paint thinner. For three of the babies, no problem, but my Twin developed these white chalky patches after the
thinner dried. And it comes back every time I wipe it off. Any ideas? Could it be the varnish wasn’t cured properly? It seems to be, but I’ve never had this happen before.


Did you try baking it again?

I would also agree that it looks like uncured varnish or varnish that was laid a little too thickly

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No I haven’t tried yet. I was actually a little afraid to since I didn’t know what it was. That’s what I was going to try after I got some advice. :blush:

Bake , let it cool and bake again . Make sure you have the right temp . And time


Yep that’s what it was. I’m so relieved. Thank you all. :blush:

Glad it worked out.

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