Celeste nightly tally or not?

It’s been brought to my attention that a nightly tally of the Celeste challenge votes might have an influence on members voting, whether they realize it or not. I won’t post the tally unless I hear from more members that they want the tally posted.

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You can’t set it like it was last time where it showed the tally under the pics? I would love to see the tally… But I do understand majority rules lol

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I wish the whole non-members voting wasn’t an issue. I would prefer to see it done the way it was done last time. But I thing I would like to see a nightly tally.


I wish there was a way that the ones who want the tally could see it, and the ones who didn’t couldn’t. I would like a tally personally but understand why some don’t.

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I vote against the tally until it’s over. I agree that to post nightly could influence votes even unconsciously.

I don’t know what happened that the tally is in question? I would like to see the tally as it was stated by 9pm nightly. I would imagine that most of us already have voted at this point. This is just for fun and there are no prize awards! I think it is getting a little too serious regarding influences. Why take the joy out of a nightly tally to look forward to and give us all a chance to interact and let the excitement build!! You know anticipation!! LoL!!


As curious as I am about the current standings, I’m fine with waiting until the end. On polls, you don’t know the status until after you vote so it doesn’t skew the results. It does influence how you think…going with the flow or against instead of voting how you feel.

That’s not always the case with polls.

I am fine either way. BUT I would really love to see a tally LOL

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@micholc Poor, Michele! You know, the original plan was to post the tally each night. This was just a new realization that we may want to discuss before the next challenge. But, for this one, why don’t we stick to the original plan and post the tally.


Looks like most who responded want the nightly tally. I will post it nightly like I said before. I forgot about the last poll only letting you see the tally after you voted. Voting this way doesn’t let me provide that but it does keep the voting members only. This is something that should be definitely brought up for the next challenge. So don’t let the tally influence your vote. Only vote for what you truly like. I’ll post it in a few minutes under a different heading.


I think you are doing great, Michele… and it is probably smart not to make changes to the original plan part way through…As we do these challenges we can concrete down ‘rules’ as we learn what is best for everyone…It is not a major contest of artist against artist anyway…That is what has to be remembered .Hopefully we are as individual as our babies and are able to vote based on what we see and feel…not what others see or feel, personal friendships or feelings for a particular person…Really everyone has achieved the goal that was set for this challenge…that was to make an ‘interesting’ sculpt look appealing and adorable…