Caucasian 1st attempt

Working on an Aubrey head to test the waters for caucasian skin tone. I know, I have a ways to go but think she is coming along ok. Needs some warming up and fine tuning. Any suggestions?


Looks good so far.

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I think she is looking great! It’s hard for me to tell too much about the skintone with the pic lighting, but I would shade around the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and add coloring to the cheeks, inside nose, and lips before I proceeded with the skintone. Those details really add depth to the face and tend to deepen the skintone. It’s then you can decide what coloring to add next.


@cajuncuties Thanks, my lighting is not the best. Looks a tad bit darker in person. I painted my room in an ivory tone to help lighting but there are still casts. I am using AR peaches and cream for shading and it is a bit lighter but did not want to go too bold initially and build as I go. I do have darker blushing colors, I can use if you think I should switch.

She is looking good!

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No, I think the P&C is fine. Adding as you go is the way I do it, too. Once you add some more to darker those areas, you may find that you need a blue wash to help neutralize it just a bit. Then, you can determine if another wash is needed for the skin tone.

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