Caring for toddlers hair

So my toddler (After 4 years, long story) is done! I’m very excited! I am nervous though because she has long human hair and I don’t typically root so I’m nervous that it’s gonna fall out or get ruined somehow. I figure I should probably not put it in any tight hair styles, only loose ones. But how should I care for it? Is there something I should use to keep it moisturized and healthy? Any tips to ease my worries? Lol thanks!

(I will do a photoshoot when her hair is trimmed!)

EDIT: If I put a product in it, will I have to occasionally wash her hair?

Can’t wait to see.

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I use Air Dry Paint. I try not to put any product on the hair just water with maybe a drop of non oil.conditioner. I do wash their hair on occasion because if sitting out the doll will get dusty. I wash with just water and a drop of conditioner being careful not to rub the scalp. I have never used shampoo on them. Good luck!

Can’t wait to see!

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