Can't help wondering

I can’t help wondering if there’s been any research done on the safety of putting live infants through a 3-D scanner. I’m not sure they’ve been around long enough for anyone to really know.


I have often thought about this. If there is, I’d much rather have non realborn kits.

It’s got to have radiation?

It’s actually just a ton of pictures pieced together, so nothing to worry about.


Someone explained it in pretty good detail here in the past. As @DollyPardon said, it’s just a ton of photographs from multiple angles


Babies are not getting placed in anything. This is not an xray machine or MRI, so no radiation to worry about. What typically happens is that an object, in this case a baby, would be placed some kind of platform while a camera spins around it snapping a bunch of pictures. If something is not clear, they can often piece it together digitally or scan again.

Before this goes any further, perhaps @bbsupport can weigh in on the matter to put everyone’s minds at ease.

@katieperry has had her baby scanned and she would know also :slight_smile:

Donna Rubert hand sculpted my daughter from photographs

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They have had these “scanning” outfits for some years now. They have had the ones where they traveled around the country and would set up in department stores, etc. You could go there and be “scanned” (for a price) and walk out with all your exact measurements, and everything. You could even buy patterns to fit perfectly. Also, there is a youtube video that explains it really well, I think. But, if there were any danger, BB would not be subjecting their grand babies to it. As a grandmother, I feel I can say that any grand parent who cared about their grand babies (and BB does) would never put them in harms way intentionally. HTH someone.

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With the mention of radiation, I thought maybe you weren’t 100% sure, so I was only hoping to clarify.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

I think it’s similar to what the doctor did with my foot once. Just a camera that spins around until it has captured all angles.
It shouldn’t harm them. :slight_smile:

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