Can't feel the difference

So, when I wet mohair and try to feel the difference between the ends I can’t. I have tried this with different mohairs and I can never do it. Is there any other way to tell? I hate it when I am rooting and a kid interrupts me for something and by the time I come back, I have forgotten how I laid the hair down🤬

I put it in a rubber band close to the ends so I can tell the difference easier when I set it down :wink:

I can never feel it either. I make small bundles tied with thread near the cut end, but you could make a line on a piece of paper and put the cut end on the line.

I can’t feel it, so when it happens to me, I try to root one end and if the hair doesn’t stay, it’s the wrong way.

I have 3 kids, so it’s happening all the time!


Not weird at all, you are shutting off one sense and causing the other to be more aware.

So true. If I notice a few hairs are not staying…I always check it again.

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When I have to lay hair down, I put my scissors over the cut end

It is easier to tell if you don’t wet the hair. I always lay my hair down in with the cut end facing the same direction every time so I don’t get mixed up. Try it with dry to see if you can feel the difference.

Wet, dry, upside down or sideways, I can’t feel any difference. lol


if you hold with pointer finger and thumb on each end and try to slide you should notice one side slip through your fingers better without actually having to feel something.

I’v never been able to feel it. It’s always ‘Why won’t this &*%#& hair stay down…oh’.