Can I use my Nuwave back to back

I’m painting saskia right now, has anyone been able to squeeze all of her limbs in? I cant seem to and I’m worried about using my nuwave back to back. What’s your opinion?

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I use mine again right away a lot. Mostly I work on two dolls at a time so that when I’m baking and waiting for cooling I still have something to do. I wait long enough for the parts in the oven to be cool enough for me to pick up and then I load it again and continue to bake.


And baking at 250 for 11 minutes is ok back to back? @quiltsabunch

You are talking about baking new parts right? Not the same parts that haven’t cooled yet? Then yes. I bake at 265 for 8 minutes but I used to bake 255 for 11 minutes either way putting new parts in your oven and baking right away is exactly what I do and have never had an issue.

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Yes my saskia leg is just too big for the rest at the same time thanks for your advice though!

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I’ve even done it 5 times in a row with no problems.

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The oven was designed to cook food at higher temps for longer periods :wink: so I think you’ll be ok. I do it all the time. Never really gave it a second thought really.

Which oven do you have? Amber dome? I am not sure why but the clear ones seem to have a cracking issue. I wouldn’t think it would be heat related. I just read something about it and sure enough I had it in front of my window to vent outside and it cracked. I don’t think the plastic can hold up to the freezing temps hitting it from one side and 265 from the other.


I have a nuwave. Works like a charm knock on wood​:flushed::blush:

I do all the time.