Can i make my own ultra marine blue?

Hi again!
When i ordered my first bb kit it came with trial sizes of genesis colors, one of which was labeled veins. I am wondering, might this be ultramarine blue? if not, is there a way I can make my own? I need it doing a blue wash for neutralizing a secrist kit. Also, I am about to start my Taite kit, any advise on how to neutralize him? much thanks! You guys are the best!!!

ultramarine blue would be a primary color. i dont think you can mix colors to make blue. the vein color i believe is blue with a little darker green mixed in

you should be able to buy ultramarine blue at BB

it says on BB that ultramarine is 1 of 5 basic colors that you can use to make 30 other colors. i think if you were to use ultramarine blue with just a touch of yellow it would produce the vein color

I often use the vein blue for my blue washes. I do also have ultramarine but prefer to use the vein mix, it is not quite as bright, and with blue you have to be very careful; it is very strong and really seeps into the vinyl. So do the blue wash so weak that you almost cannot see the blueness. You can always put on another wash, but to take the blue off is more difficult than to take off any other colour.


Took the words right out of my mouth.

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