Can I be a girl?

Please…need some advice - this is a custom order…left to me to pick gender…can this pass for girl or do I need to cut the hair and make a boy??? Thanks so much for your help…


I think this one could definitely go girl. In fact I actually see more girl than boy this time. Ps. My gosh is your rioting pretty :wink:


Could be a girl for sure!
I pm’d you Starr :slight_smile:

Such a beautiful baby…!!..can see a girl for sure…!!

Beautiful :heart_eyes:

A pretty ribbon or hair clip and she’d make a very bonnie little girl xx

Not me lol, I say give him a faux hawk and call him a boy!


I wouldn’t cut the hair, but I see boy.

Thanks ladies…It is not a beautiful sculpt, I know…Huge head though…you can see Sienna WIP in the background so can tell it is a big headed baby…lol

Does this make any difference at all??? - porbably not… :disappointed: hahahahaha!


I say girl.

Lovely :smiley:

Girl for me , can’t wait to see what you decide to do with this one. Your babies are so beautiful!!

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Definitely could be a girl!

Cutie… :smile:

I think definitely a girl :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I say long-haired little man :wink:

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I’m with @Moonbay

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Boy :grinning:

I see a prettylittle girl…LOVE the hair!!!

I was going to say “put on a bow on it!” But really, my best advice is you want to soften it up a little to make it a girl. Buy a white hair ribbon, and dress in pale pinks and white, some pretty socks or shoes! :heart:


Could be either but I wouldn’t change the hair. I think it’s adorable. What sculpt is it?

I see a cute baby girl!