Can anyone help me find a kit match these babies?

These are my two boys when they were babies.

or a kit to match my youngest as a newborn, he was only a few hours old in this picture with his older brother.

I think I found a kit match for my oldest boy.
Maybe it may not be perfect but I think it is a close match. What do you guys think?
And My youngest son handed me a picture of him when he was about 2 weeks old and he looks like the Gena kit (perfect match).


I think that definitely resembles your oldest son!


Thanks, this the picture my youngest said looked like Gena, I am still not sure and this the day we left the hospital after he was born, not when he was two weeks old like I first thought.

If any of you don’t think Gena is a good match please suggest a kit that would be a match for my youngest.

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I think I am going to have to get Gena and Moby, cause I can see him in both kits and I can’t make my mind up on which one looks the most like him.