Cammi eyes

Has anyone tried putting eyes in Cammi. The listing said 22 to 24 but I want to see which fits better. When do people use oval also?

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I used 22mm full round and found that fit the best for me.


Gorgeous little one!!

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I loveeeeee your baby. I was looking at an eyeco set and yhey had 21mm and 23mm. Should I just find a pair that’s 22 then?

You could alway try the Eyeco(odd size) eyes and in that case I would personally go for the 23mm, 21mm would be too small. But…I do know for a fact 22mm half round and full round fit in the sockets nicely

Beautiful! Did you use human hair on her?

Thank you soooo much!

Thank you :slight_smile: I used Susan Nagel toddler hair on her. It’s much finer than human hair but thicker than yearling mohair. I guess it’s a finer adult mohair.


Your very welcome!

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Sweetie is this your baby?Work is amazing

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Lovely! Looks like they fit her quite well. God bless.


Yes it is :slight_smile: Thank you

gorgeous little girl…just washed my blank kit today and found that the 22mm round fit nicely