Cammi body

Okay. I am wondering if we put the half circle first then put the metal inside the kneck. What do you think?

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Yes! That is exactly what I was thinking I am going to do when I finish reborning her. Best of luck to you!
Let me know how it turns out for you.

Does this make sense? I may be wrong but this is how I think it is done.

Yes that’s how it’s done, I’ve done this on my rosy kit before

Yes but the metal isn’t much bigger than the hole. Will it pop out?

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Sorry I know I’m asking alot of questions! See comment above!

I know I’ve put the metal and the cardboard half sphere inside of the head before? That might be the better option? considering she’s a bigger kit?

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Also it’s totally fine! With how many questions I’ve seen on this type of kit I might create a tutorial when I put Rosie together of how to use these joints because there’s so little info!

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Yeah, it gets confusing! Then we have to sew the rubber on! What do we use?

im honestly not sure but I’d assume ribbons?

I feel this should have been pre drilled and sewed yikes!

Do you cut first then paint or paint and then cut the excess off?

Paint first so it doesn’t collapse in the oven?

I’d paint first but tbh I don’t know much about this kit beyond the joints, they’re the same as my Rosie. That’s the only reason I know about those.

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Also I would not put the cup thing inside the head. I think the shape is needed to protect the vinyl neck curve

Yeah in the youtube video she had 2.

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What size eyes are you going to use? I saw 22 or 24. I wonder if oval would fit better.?

I just got mine today and I have cut the excess off the chest plate.

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I am going to go with the 22mm round Lauscher eyes.

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