By, bye, Honey!

Okay, it’s official.

I thought I won’t be sad seeing any of my dolls go. I mean, they’re just dolls. Things. They’re not even completely made by me, only painted, rooted, and assembled. I didn’t sculpt them, only covered them in layers of paint and things like that. Right? Well…

Today, I’ve sold my siggy doll, my Honey. I know I should be happy (and I am). I’ve gotten what I’ve asked for her, probably much more than she really is worth. She’s one of my firsts. Her creases were far too red, her lips, too, and her hair wasn’t rooted perfectly. I could have also do a better job with the nails and mottling.

I didn’t even like the darn kit when I first got it. Gotta admit it looked “evil” to me, nothing like the prototype. And then, I’ve started the painting. Then the rooting. Then added those gentle blonde eyebrows. And the little “thing” grew on me. Became my “signature” doll, the doll with most character, regardless of her flaws and my inexperience.
I know I can always get another one. And probably make a much better job at it, too. But still, I never expected I’d be sad if I sold a doll! I wasn’t when I sold my first three, even though they were done better than Honey.

I feel for the first time that I’ve actually “bonded” with a doll. And just wanted to say that until now I didn’t understand what you ladies meant by that.

Anyway, I won’t be sad for very long There’s still one RuBert Heather waiting to be done, and also my most wanted Sophia Madelina kit arrived today. Not to mention the dolly dollars

And besides, Honey is in good hands - a gorgeous four and a half year old girl and her mom’s!

Thanks for reading. If you’ve got a similar story to share, I’d love to read it!

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Congrats, Martina!! I bond much too often LOL…I know how you feel!! So happy she has a good home!!

Well you must be crazy…getting attached to a piece of Plastic…

…just like the rest of us Oh the shame of it! Good thing we have the forum to confess out silly passions…

Big hug to you as you miss your Honey.

I just sent the twins of the triplet last week. The third baby was made and sent before Christmas…I never saw all three of them together…until the customer sent me this pic…it brought tears to my eyes, of joy and missing them too!

Awww, Denise, I love your Brown triplets!!!

Martina, we all know exactly what you are feeling… The hardest part about reborning for me is putting the tape on the box for shipment. Until then I can hug and cuddle and say goodbye…but the tape is very final. We get it. It never gets easier but there is always a new one on the horizon and thank goodness when they go to a good home. Congrats!!!

And I always smiled when I saw her picture in your posts!!!

I feel better already Thanks, everyone!

Denise, your tripplets are very sweet!

Cindy - I was really surprised about how I felt. Not only because I was selling one f my favorite dolls, but because of the fact that my whole life, I’m working with my hands. Sculpting, making figurines, jewelry and such. Those are just a bit more “presonal”, because I’ve actually made them from a piece of clay. And I was never sad to sell or gift those

I sold one of my early handmade cloth dolls in 1979. She was made just like all my others, but there ws something in her face. I never forgot her…
Do any of you feel the need to hold and “get to know” your newly finished baby? I like to sit and hold, rock, pat my newest baby. Am I a little bit crazy??

Just as crazy as the rest of us! That’s why I got into this hobby…so I could have babies to play with! I had dolls that I just had posed in the house but not ones to dress and cuddle. Just didn’t know that would drive my youngest crazy. She says it’s partly because one of her friends teased her about playing with dolls but I think it’s the jealousy a sibling feels when a new baby is added to the family.

So join the club and make a baby that’s a keeper! One to cuddle and love. You never know which one is going to touch your heart. I’m fiinishing two now with four in the process. Moby is definitely staying!

I think my Sophia Madelina will be a keeper
And maybe one of the Jodys I’ve bought when Cradle had that sale. Maybe, just maybe, those are so dear to me because they’re “limited” or “sold out”. I have a soft spot for rarities