Buy supplies in a kit or separate?

Hi guys, I’ve been lurking here for awhile trying to learn as much as I can before I start reborning! I think I’m finally ready to buy my supplies to get started. My question is, is it cheaper to buy the supplies as a supply kit from BB for $129 or is it cheaper to buy things separately from a combo of BB, craft stores, dollar store, etc…?

I would do both…those paints you get with the entire kit with last you for a little while. Either way this hobby gets pretty pricey…lol but if i were you id start with the kit bundle to start with and then you can slowly aquire more supplies

I did my first kit with the bundle kit. You will have some stuff left over to at lteast start another kit. You can buy more individual items as your finances allow.

I bought the starter kit and it was so worth it.

I would start with the bundle beginners kit and that will let you see what you use the most of and what you will be replacing most in the future. You will begin to purchase supplies as you go along and you will be able to pick up lots of “useful” stuff all over town!! If you are buying supplies from any of the supply dealers (such as BB) wait until you need numerous things so it keeps your shipping costs down. Buying only one thing can get really pricey with shipping. Good Luck, have fun and realize this is a very costly hobby over time. Also, you will become very addicted!!

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I agree with the others. I bought the doll with starter kit, some of the paints are still lasting and I’ve been reborning for about a year now! It totally worth it. As you run out of the starter things you can get things from craft stores and other places, but the starter kits are great, and you can make a few dolls before you even have to replace anything but hair and eyes.

Good luck on your new reborning adventure!