I am so upset. I just listed my Mary Wren (Honey sculpt) on reborn.com. I was so excited. But the pictures uploaded all grainy and terrible. She’ll never sell with those pictures and I don’t have another camera to retake them. My pictures always came out fine on ebay and everyone elses look okay on reborn.com. I don’t know what I did wrong to make them look so terrible.

I just went and looked at her. They’re a little grainy but not THAT bad. You can see good skin tones and the picture of the hair is really good. You can tell it’s the picture, not the doll. She’s really cute. Don’t fret. I’m sure somebody will buy her.

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Thank you so much, jeanhai for taking the time to reassure me. I may upload some more pix tomorrow. She deserves more and better but this was my trial run to see if i could do the reborn.com thing. It’s amazing how fast they get seen on there. So far it seems to be a much better venue than evil bay.

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Hmmm…did you resize them? If so, perhaps you made them too small. That would make them grainy.

No, I didn’t have to resize them. They uploaded really easily once I figured out how to do it. You really helped me yesterday, Amy. I’m doing a new photoshoot today, if the sun comes out, and I’ll double check my camera settings. I usually get pretty good shots, not pro, but usable so I was upset yesterday. I’m okay today. I just wonder if all my photos are going to come out like this. I have posted some of these photos before and they never looked this bad. Did you go see them?
The one i posted to show the hands is completely useless.

Yes, I saw them. While they’re ok, they don’t do your baby justice. Definitely worth taking more pics. If it was a dark situation (or not enough light) that you took the pics in, that will make them grainy, too.

I know, but i don’t understand why they come out like this on reborns.com but they come out okay other places. I just don’t get it. There must be something set wrong. And they really weren’t taken in a dark place. The lighting was okay… I’ll just try some more. I know i need a new camera but they cost so so so much. i can’t justify it for a hobby. if i was a pro, i’d surely invest in one.

I just PM’d you, Helen.

Did you get my email? I got yours. So my poor customer got her email twice. Oh well. Better than not at all, right. LOL I think I have all the bugs out now and can quit pestering you. I really like the site. Thanks again for leading me there. I may abandon evil bay altogether.


Yes, I received your email! I’m so glad it’s working out for you. :slight_smile: