Box sizes

what size boxes do you use to send out babies? I am selling my realborn Joseph and am having a hard time figuring out what box will be large enough to hold the baby and a few goodies but also be snug to keep him protected.

He should fit in a large priority USPS mailing box.Not the flat rate as it is smaller.

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Newborn Joseph or 3 month?

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newborn sorry

I can get my smaller babies in a large flat rate box if I curve the baby and it’s not wrapped in a really thick blanket. Then I pack any extras in spaces around it with the birth certificate and care instructions in an envelope on top. Joseph will definitely fit in a USPS Priority box.


I use the larger USPS Priority box, not flat rate. It’s nice and roomy for the baby and anything sent with it.

NB Joseph fits well in a large flat rate USPS box

Swaddled and laid corner to corner with the legs turned up a little. Toy and extras fit in the empty spaces well