Box size kits

Does anyone know the correct box size for say a kit up to 20" and then a box for a bigger kit or 2 kits together?

Just for the kit I am usuall using 8x8x8 inch

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Thank you … im having a nigtmare finding boxes in my city so need to order online.

You can order direct from Uline I get for shipping babies 20x8x8 very reasonable and delivers right to your house. Otherwise I use the USPS if it fits.

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No have never used DHL for babies but have used UPS, USPS. Its been forever but when I worked in corporate office we only used DHL for express letters never packages. Both USPS and UPS have decent tracking don’t know about DHL.:smiley_cat:

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Completed doll or just the kit??

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Hi @lynn just the kits. Im getting my shipping charges wrong on ebay and losing money hoping to reduce need for bigger boxes if just kits x

If you are in the USA,you can get free boxes from USPS.

No sadly not in US x