Bountiful Baby Sales - A Glimpse Into Our Sales Strategy

Hi Everyone!

Thought you might like to know some of our “sale” strategy:

Weekends are usually the time where our “Sale” items are marked down the most. However, conversely, we usually have the fewest number of items on sale during the weekend. But if the weekend sale items are things you desire, the weekend is the best time to buy.

After the weekend, the sale items usually go up a bit in price, and then a bunch more items are also marked down (put on sale). This usually happens around mid-day on Monday. Then, around Thursday afternoon, the number of “sale” items typically start to be reduced, little by little, until around Saturday morning, at which time we usually start to mark down the sale items that are still on sale.

But weekend prices are almost always when the prices are the lowest (like right now). Also, the items that are on sale are almost always calculated based on remaining “Days of Stock” on hand, without regard to popularity. In other words, we often have some very popular items marked down with deep discounts on the weekend.

So, come check us out and see if any of our current sale items are on your wish list! If so, now is the time to buy!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Thanks BB…Just ordered 5 Realborns! Love this sale!


Thanks for posting this. It was very helpful!

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Thanks for your awesome sales !!!

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I bought a Violet this weekend and she was a pretty good price :grinning:

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