Bountiful baby Realborn give- a-way Entry

I have always loved Bountiful Baby kits-they are the softest to root. Now that the new Realborn kits are here I would love to do one. The detail is amazing.

I would love to win a bountiful baby realborn kit! I have been awaiting the release of these absolutely beautiful realistic kits very patiently. Winning one of these amazing kits would be a dream come true as I love each one of them but Presley asleep is my favorite Presley asleep is that one baby that i will make to keep as my very own. I know I will be purchasing Presley asleep as soon as it comes available, but to win one would be a such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much to Denise & Nevin for allowing this give away to happen & for building such a great business as I love bountiful baby. I got my start from bountiful baby over 5 years ago I will continue buying from this great company. I am beyond thankful to have a chance to enter this give away! Thanks again for everything you all do in caring for each one of your customers.