Bountiful baby Mohair question

I seem to see you all dont like bb mo hair. Something wrong with it.

It is very course, there is a lot of waste, and it looks frizzy when rooted. It’s good for eyelashes and animal kits though. Good mohair is worth every cent. It roots so much nicer and looks so much nicer when done. Even mid-priced hair from Etsy is better.


It’s very coarse and thick

It’s not really BB Mohair it’s Ruby Red Gallery. I think it’s a company out of China. I don’t think it’s real mohair but I could be wrong. It’s great for lashes but if you figure up the costs per oz It’s not cheap but the product itself is. Just my opinion.


Im hoping i can get the good mohair soon. Until i do i am at a stand still. So kinda going stir crazy lol. Antsy hands antsy body.

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I have way too much, I over ordered the brown and it gets matted from trying to wash out the dye, I have to wash and dry a couple times to keep it from staining. I am new to rooting and didn’t know the difference in quality or how dark the hair would be.

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