Bountiful Baby Jewel Reborning Contest!

Hi Everyone!

We announced ​new Jewel kit, by Denise Pratt, on Dec 1st. We are going to have a reborning contest for finished images to display on our website! If you would like us to consider your reborn pictures for advertising on our website, just email your pictures to Make sure your pictures are sufficiently large to display on our website-- we typically scale the pictures to about 850 to 900 pixels wide (and a few hundred K bytes large). Small tiny pictures will not get selected, so if your picture cannot easily scale to that size, it will not be selected.

Of the pictures submitted, we will give a $10 Gift Certificate for each picture that we select. We typically like to have from 10 to 20 reborn pictures for each kit, taken from several different artists for that kit. But we ​may select more than one photo from the same artist.

We will be selecting pictures until January ​21st​, ​2016. We will select a few pictures prior to that date, just so that we can display sample pictures on our website as early as possible. But we will continue evaluating the submissions and continuing selecting until January 21st.

We can only use your pictures if you give permission for their use in any situation that promotes the kit (we suggest you also include either your name or your nursery name on the photos, so that as we promote the kit, it also promotes you and/or your nursery). Submitting your picture(s) is implied permission to these terms. If you do not agree, please do not submit.

We hope you all have fun with this, and we are looking forward to seeing your beautiful renditions of new Jewel!

Bountiful Baby






This is exciting!!! Just ordered jewel!!!

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Can it be made into a ‘monster’ ‘horror’ doll?


@isabelle, @cajuncuties

Gosh drawing a blank… lol. Cant think of names… hahaha

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I bought Jewel and she shipped already. I am SO in this one!


@pia, @anon72659292, @AmyR777, @janan , lol still having a hard time remembering names… hahaha

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Wow! Nice!!

I might be able to do 1 or 2 for this contest. I don’t know mine will get chosen or not but it will be fun making them.

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I vote for putting her back on sale. :0)


I guess that is one way to sell the kits since almost everyone on every forum is disappointed in the changes. I don’t like her well enough to paint her!


This is a darling kit … . I know I did the original one quite some time ago , and I loved her . I can’t wait to try doing the new Jewel kit . She makes an adorable newborn . :smile:

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@westernstarr ?

This is gonna be fun. Woo hoo is right!!!


(Crossing fingers!) My first contest after 5 years reborning!

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I can’t wait to see!!!

Are you officially back Nikki?

Hi My little Izzy!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE LOVE BUG!:heart:


Merry Christmas, Nikki! :slight_smile:

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