Bountiful Baby has done it again

I just received Realborn Jade today and she is STUNNING!! Bountiful Baby continues to amaze me with these Realborn kits. She reminds me a lot of Kase! I haven’t had the craving to make a baby to keep in a while, but I think Jade may be sticking around here. She’s a chunky baby but not too long, perfect newborn size. Thank you Bountiful Baby for these amazing kits! What’s all of yours favorite Realborn kit?


My Jade and Landon awake arrived today too. But my rural post office doesn’t do packages on Saturdays. So I have to wait til Monday to get them. But I did get my chunky Joseph yesterday. I am in love with him. Pictures don’t do him justice. He is perfection :heart:️️


I am painting Jade now and I absolutely love her!

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Definitely 3 month Joseph. :slight_smile: I’m wanting to get him in newborn too but just haven’t done it yet.

Also what size is that outfit on Jade? Would 0-3 fit? I’m talking like I need another kit. :smirk::joy:

It might! I have her in Carters newborn and it seems like a good fit. 0-3 may be a little big but some brands would work I think! You definetly need this kit :wink: :joy:

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I can’t wait to see 3 month Joseph in person! I missed out on him but everyone says he is amazong!

My favorite to paint has been Newborn Joseph Awake, but my favorite that is on my wish list has to be 3 month Joseph

I hadn’t really considered Jade until your post! So now I will go have another look at her.
These Realborn are simply amazing. I love them so much

And my fave is Charles
Although Owen is my best seller

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I’ve only done Ashley and Joseph and I love them both! When I have my stash cleared out, I think I will need a Jaycee. I love her smushy face!