Body question 22" 3/4 arm full legs

I have a nice white body for a 22" doll 3/4 arm and full legs . I was wondering which kit would fit the best ?? I was even thinking if it would fit any of the full arms kits ?

I wish it would fit Heather from BB

If anyone remember using this size and dimensions lately please advise .

Thank you for your time

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NO, a 3/4 arm body won’t work with a full arm. Simply because a full arm has a bit of rounding at the top to indicate a shoulder.

Yes I know , but I have no idea what kit I should use it . I may have to look up each kit at Machpersons

Ariella Shick is a 22 inch 3/4 arm full legged kit

It may work with some of the 21-22" kits that have 3/4 legs if the thigh area is long enough. I often use full leg bodies with 3/4 leg kits.

Morris Toner would probably be the right size for it. I’ve got a kit if you are interested in him.


Thank you for the help .

Oh boy … overnight it come in my mind why do I struggle with this body …i should just buy legs and arms and head separately and build a baby that way …or sale the body .

@2layz what a cute baby.

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Thank you!

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