Body quandry

I am ALWAYS full of questions and heres …another . Are most bodies pretty interchangable with that size doll?
. … I have been buying kits on sale later buying bodies i then match them even later to the kits .
I bought two 8416 bodies and now for the life of me dont know who gets what .
Ive looked up my kits and dont see this number for any.
The numbered body 8416 comes up on kits i dont have so im lost.
Ask ed BB they referred me to the body 8416 whic ii have looked at already…it says some kits i dont have then says "or something similar "…
.If i dont have one of those kits how do i know whats similar?..
.Waiting are;
Willlow Flower…
It must be some alternative body to kisted but for who?

.Are the bodies pretty much interchangable ? so far ive tried to get the bodies suggested

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The Bountiful Baby bodies are sold to fit multiple size babies. The problem is, they don’t fit well. If it works for one it’s way too big on another. The neck openings are too big and bunch up around the babie’s necks making them look unrealstic.The bodies I would use for these babies are:

Avery. BB 675 or 7457
Gracie. BB 416 or 7540
Dumplin. BB 417 or 7519
Kimber BB 416 or 7540
Willow Flower. Dolls By Sandie 21-22 inch Adrie Stoete 3/4 arm full leg

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You can use the 2 you have on kits like Avery. It is a 19 in 3/4 limbed body. I am assuming you bought that one because it is only $9

Congrats on your sales today :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help on bodys!
.i needed it.I have bought Avery a few times
.Yes i guess i need to get better bodies they dont look great sometimes i just had to tailor a body on Shyann it t was hugely wide and fat .sometimes the legs look funny too the way they fit into the bodies

it is picking up .YOU?
I had 2 sales lately . .Did well on locals too
.I advertise each one on a few local facebook sites when i finish them.
Buy sell trade sites .
The other lady on reborns is in UK I dont ship there too many horror stories on shipping overrseas so that money went back.

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I think I have sold 5 in the last month. So better than normal :slight_smile:

Thats good.Have you tried the local facebook buy sell trad sites.? I really have done better with them than reborns .
I think people like to see them in person and not pay shipping both.

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