Blonde premix eyebrow paint

hi!!! Does the blonde premix turn orange when baked? I know the brown tends to, so you add a dab of blue to counter. Is there a tip for the blonde?

Try it on one of the limbs you melted and see if it turns orange.


Lololol thank you pia! Your right! I sure have plenty of practice parts!

when I mix my own blond paint for hair and eye brows
I use 3 colours I begin with lightest colour and bake, then add next tad bit darker shade bake again, then my third darkest colour and bake then finish with a highlight colour like flesh 07 mixed with thinning medium (no water)

yellow ochre
+flesh 08 (any flesh colour would work) and green for light blond,

yellow ocre +
add flesh 08 a touch eye brow brown, and green for a darker blond

Yellow ochre +
flesh 08 and add a touch of of black and just a touch of green for dark blond


Thank you rose:-) I just rooted eyelashes and am about to try and figure out how to seal in eyeballs!!! I’m still working on my ugly little kaylee… Who is definitely a boy! With this scuplt I did the best I could. It was my personal challenge baby. Here’s a pic!

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Here is what I started with…

Yes, he’s definitely all boy!

I think he look like a boy too I really like your skin tone and mouth as well as blushing I have seen worse hair I think you did pretty good for the first one it gets easier with each one…Hang in there my friend it gets easier.

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The hair looks really bad in the pictures. It’s slightly better in person. This is a doll I am trying all new things on, it’s been pretty amusing. Eyelashes and eye all done! Now for magnet for paci , gloss of lips and nail and DONE! Then I have to decide who to gift him too! ( my mom doesn’t want him) lolololll

You will definitely improve with each baby. There are some nice eyebrow tutorials available and they will help,you with the direction that the hair needs to go on the brows. I think painted hair is harder than rooted hair.

Yes, I need to buy a good painted hair tutorial. I do better reading than by wTching video.