Block this e-bayer

Here’s one you want to watch out for

She likes to hit the buy it now button and not pay, If you message her don’t expect a reply right away. Then she’ll ask for a little more time about a week. Then she’ll tell you she getting ready to purchase, then you don’t here from her for a couple days, then i let her know it’s been too long she’s waisting my time and money. Her next reply is ( No Thanks’ sorry) are you kidding me!!! Well i reported her to e-bay and filed an unpaid item case againts her. E-bay says you have to give the bidder 4 more days to reply in case she wants to purchase, are you kidding me!!! I now have my baby back on e-bay, i went to check karen1991 out, wow she’s aloud to make a purchase just yesterday, are you kidding me!!!

E-bay really tweeks my melon, how about you?

So sorry Dee - I think I may have one myself – she did a BIN, I emailed her telling her the doll was ready to go, just waiting for payment, but no response - nothing. I know ebay gives them some time so I’ll wait a few more days then file my claim.

Sad part is that this person had just joined ebay and I didn’t select the immediate payment option. She bought it and now it’s silent out there! So frustrating.

I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this nutcase. Thanks for the heads up ; I put her on my ever-growing block list.

Ginny, I hope your buyer pays.


Ebay does nothing to buyers who do not pay. I had a buyer do this to me and then a week later bought another one of my dolls and did it again. She had dolls at the same time that she didn’t pay and would not respond to me in any manner. She never even responded to ebay. They did nothing and she keeps on buying stuff. If you look at feedback as a buyer and look to the right it says “bid retractions”. That is where they store “real” info. The bid retractions are also include non payment. That is the only information that we as sellers can get a clue as to the real situation on a buyer,

— Begin quote from "I had a buyer do this to me and then a week later bought another one of my dolls and did it again.

ebay is just an electronic notice board; they will not do anything for single non-payment, but they give the tools to protect yourself. If somebody does not pay, I put them immediately on the blocked bidder list. Also, if you have your blocks in place to block anybody with 2 or more strikes in the past 12 months that will stop the repeat pests who did not pay others.
By the way, this karen person has been member from 07 Jan, 1999 and had 0 FB, but now is de registered. I bet it was an id set up deliberately to mess up other people’s auctions and somebody reported her.

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