Block this e-bay bidder


Member id marisolprincess ( Feedback Score Of 0 )

The problem is she didn’t follow my terms. One being contact me before bidding with a feedback under 5. I contacted her during the auction and she still did not reply. The the last 10 minutes of the auction she just kept clicking the bid button as if it was a game. I could tell she was going to be a DOOZY!!!. I sent her the invoice for the winning bid of $747.00 , and with no surprise she didn’t pay. She or he had to be right there at the end to be able to keep hitting that bid button. I messaged her again to find out if she planned on paying, heck if she paid i was even going to let her make a couple payments until paid. So now i have to wait for the DOOZY to decide when i list my doll again. How does that happen, i don’t get it the winner screws up and i’m the one that gets put on the back burner. E-BAY really need to worry more about the sellers than the buyers.

I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this, Dee Evilbay can be such a pain at times, and as you said, they seem to always be for the buyer rather than the seller. Geez. If there were no sellers, there’d be no buyers.