Bleaching mohair

Has anyone ever tried to bleach a mohair wig? Any tips on how to do it? I can’t find a pale blond Mikayla wig anywhere. I have the blond wig, but it is much darker than I wanted. Tips? Should I not try? What product would you suggest? How can I make it shiny looking and not just dull blonde? I don’t use wigs much and am not thrilled with the selection. Can anybody suggest a different partial capped wig that would be similar in effect to the Mikayla?

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Sorry no tips from me I’d be scared to, how blonde do u need? I have some really pale mohair looks almost white when rooted if that will help

I wonder if someone at a beauty supply place could help you. I bet they dye wigs all the time, and have the products to accomplish it right. Good luck.

I already have the largest size @october; Also have the Cassidy and it doesn’t work.
Good thought @Luvbaby
@Angel Thank you for offering the mohair, but I need to wig this one. It’s a toddler and I’m not trying to make it super realistic.

I’m not too worried about destroying this wig, so I may experiment with lightening it. Maybe I’ll let my daughter try. She’s always lightening the tips of her hair.

I have no tips for you. :confused: I hope your daughter can help. Let us know how it goes.

If it works, I’ll post a picture. She’s house sitting for two weeks so it won’t be for awhile unless I figure out how to do it.

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Good luck! I hope it works out. I’ve always been curious about dying mohair but never really thought of bleaching it. I tried looking around on Google to see if I could find anything that might help you. I saw this- someone asked a similar question about this on another forum- so maybe it might be of some help.

I have decided not to do it after all. I’ll keep looking for a pale blonde wig, but the only other one I found was an Ellie wig and it’s a full cap and doesn’t appear to come in the larger sizes. I need a minimum of 15-16. I would prefer larger. I may just resign myself to going with the darker blonde. It’s not bad, I just wanted very, very blond.

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Oh you did so much work Anita. Thank you. Unfortunately none of them work although the short one is very cute! That is the right color though but I need very wispy curls like the Mikayla wig. I’m just giving up and going with the blonde that is darker than I had hoped. Otherwise I will have to root this head and I don’t really want to, plus, I have yet to achieve really nice wispy curls when I root.

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