Blargblargblargggggg *rooting hair*

I haven’t been very active on here because I’ve been rooting mo-hair, which I want nice and thick on my babies Holly and Lulu… but omg I can only do like an hour at a time before I have to stop. It looks lovely but is only 1/4th done on lulu and not even 1/4th done on Holly.

Holy cow is this a lot of work, next reborn I’m making is only going to have a few hairs for sure!! Maybe even a baldie!

I’ll put progress pics up at some point


Bald is beautiful! :heart:


That is me, still rooting my kit too has me not on as much :wink:

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yeah I really like Lulu, I might do a biracial lulu next. I want to try doing biracial and I just love Lulu’s look.
Though I have Holly’s arms and legs on my lulu because I like them better :wink:

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I am excited to do my lulu! I just got her!


Show us pictures! It takes me 20 hours to root a medium thickness head which is one of the reasons I stress at reborning more than one at a time!


actually having two at once is kinda nice, because when I get sick at looking at one head for too long I can switch to the other one XD lol


I’ll try and get pics tomorrow, we’re in the middle of a big spring clean(as in take stuff outside under a canopy/tent, scrub house/carpets/ect. then bring stuff back in, ugg)

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I feel ya. I just did Cookie’s big old noggin’. My eyes were crossing. I almost literally cried twice. Lol. It was worth it in the end. I’m with you though, bald is looking better and better. Lol.

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The Prisma is also fun to do and not as taxing for me as rooting. I am an obsessive rooter. I can’t stop when I should and I always hurt my wrists or back because while I’m concentrating, I don’t notice that I’m hurting. Then later…Oh My!


The Prisma?

Prismacolor Pencilled hair… sorry. :blush: