Blank silicone question

Good day,

I’ve been reading and learning abt silicones and with the sale prices its SO tempting to buy one to try.
I have 3 older Ashton Drakes but they are the older harder type of silicone, not the new softer kind like i see now.

Ive read the threads about how you should paint as soon as you can. My question is-
What would happen to the blank silicone if you dont? Does it begin to fall apart or tear? I tend to hoard kits- and silicone painting is a little intimidating. but what really happens to blank silicone over time if someone doesnt paint it in months? A year? Longer?
Im not on fb (or good w computers) so i dont have access to alot of info apart from youtube videos but im trying to learn a little.
Thanks! And enjoy your day.

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So far all the ones I have cleaned well with Novocs gloss to open the pores has done fine. Susan Gibbs told me she has done one after holding it 3 years. I know Debbie Henshaw has restored the older harder silicone babies like you are talking about. The Ashton Drake silicones are a tin blend though so if you wish to paint one of those you have to use the Cirius silicone paints for those. The platinum paints will not stick to it.

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Thanks for replying.
I dont want to paint the old AD dolls i have, but I’m really interested in buying a new partial blank kit- like from BB on sale or when the S.Piret one comes available.

Im just sick right now and will be for awhile, so i know i wouldnt get to it right away or start something new for a while. Im glad to know it wont start to fall apart or something if it just sits for a little while. Thanks!

I guess im wondering :
Does the painting process itself protect or like reinforce the silicone? Does the painting process make the silicone kit more durable or something? Because painted silicones that are well taken care of can last for a very long time, right? I see them listed on doll-fan or on peoples’ youtube channels years after they were created- as finished dolls and they still look in great condition if cared for properly. (My old AD ones look the same as the day they arrived and its been 4 years. I know thats a different silicone but just for example)

Im just trying to understand why the blank silicone is different. What is it that happens over time if left unpainted?
Sorry, if you could share a better source of info anyone so i can understand more i would appreciate it too.

Silicone has pores that close up over time making it less open to bonding with the paint. When you paint with silicone paint you are laminating one layer of silicone over the top of the kit and then each other. So the kit has to be “open” to bond to the layer you plan to laminate over it. The fresher the silicone the more open is it. Using a product like Novocs gloss will open it up which is why you want to wipe the whole kit down with this on a wedge before you paint it. I also recommend you take a class like the one Susan Gibbs teaches online. She is a wealth of knowledge and explains the process very well.