Blank kits

Bella 29.95
Dumplings 29.95
Pumpkin 29.95
Josie 29.95
Sugar 35.95
Paisley 35.95
Kaya 35.95
Eliza 35.95
Sweet pea asleep 39.95
They come with bodies and plugs and three come with eyes


Which three come with eyes?

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I’m interested in Dumplin, sugar, paisley and Kaya

The three that come with the eyes are Eliza 22" Dumplin 18" Paisley 20" the eyes are not glass because I bought them bountiful baby

All four kits come with the bodies and the plugs besides I have the eyes for Dumolin and Paisley. The eyes are not glass they are acrylic they came from bountiful baby and I am asking for Dumplin 29.95 Sugar 35.95 Paisley 35.95 35.95 and Kaya 35.95

What would be the shipping to 70125? Thanks

Do you want all four kits the shipping will be 10.00 dollars

Would you do $130.00 shipped?

Yes And you want dumpling sugar paisley and kaya also I will need your complete mailing address with your name on it and can you email your address at I do accept paypal my paypal accunt is under

Didn’t get invoice. Thanks

Well I guess you don’t want to send me a invoice…good luck on your sale I’ll have to buy elsewhere.

I sent the invoice through pay pal

Do you want me to re send you another invoice