Black Friday Sales

Seems all the doll suppliers are having nice Black Friday sales. 30% off site wide at Irresistables - Now can I stay up until Midnight??


I wish it was a better time for me but I have no doll money at all, so I won’t be buying anything no matter how good the deals might be. Now if they were giving away free kits… :rofl:


Is MacPherson having it too? I don’t see any. Is it because they are Canadian?

@yackyquacky, I saw that sale too. But I’m already climbing into bed. I don’t think I will be able to stay up.

Too bad irresistibles is out of stock on the two kits I want!

Macphersons is advertising some sort of Black Friday sale…

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Tank you, I found it, but I don’t see anything special there.

I didn’t either :confused:

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Ope… Just bought the Jack kit from there a couple days ago! Should have waited.

MacPherson just changes the name of the sale page to go with whatever holiday or season it is. Occasionally a couple of new kits are added to the section. But for the most part the 4th of July sale, the end of summer sale, the Labor Day sale, the hey we are just glad it’s Friday sale, and the thanksgiving sale are all the same. I appreciate that the sale goes year round. And the sale names are humorous. :rofl: