Black brush

I’ve recently bought a black brush, for eyebrows.
When I’ve tried it on the vinyl was invisible, nothing is happened
Do you know how to use that one


Is the end plastic? I have one of these and I like it for nail moons and eyebrows because of how light it is. You have to load the plastic white part with paint, blot on a paper towel or puppy pad or whatever you use, then do short strokes. You have to reload the tip often; I find they run out of paint


Interesting, I never saw anything like that. So, you load paint INSIDE of the tip, like an ink pen?

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Is your kit varnished? Is your paint thick or dark enough?

No it has grooves on it, that’s where I let the paint settle. Kind of like how a calligraphy pen works. Next time I paint I’ll find it and show you up close!