Bindi and Binki

has anyone here seen the prepainted/rooted ones…what is your opinion.
it just hit me that my monkey loving grandaughter would love one for her birthday next month…and it might mean a little more to her that I make it for her…and I am OK with that too…so if anyone has a kit they decided not to reborn…please let me know…I know BB has had some great sales on them but I missed them all just didn;t think of Mati wanting one!
also…it is hard to tell by the wording of the kits on the site…are the eyes already inserted? thanks ladies!

I think i will be brave and attempt to paint and root one for my grandaughter…but I really like Bindi (closed mouth) the best and they are out of stock! anybody have a kit they want to sell?

i found one! yipee!