Big June 30" body

I put on the bigger 30" body- what huge difference!


She’s adorable. I’m working on rooting my June asleep with mohair. Taking forever. What size shoes did you use for her?

They are a sz 3


So adorable! That body is look much more proportionate for her! :heart_eyes:

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thank you :slight_smile:

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I love the way it looks, it won’t fit the belly plate is that correct?

SO much better. I always thought the body they recommended was way too short of a torso and too skinny. Made her almost dolly like.


Thank you

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I don’t think so

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Dolls By Sandie has a 26-28" tummy plate by Adrie Stoete that might work.


Such a cute picture! Hehe!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

she is so cute! You make me want to paint one now!

Thank you! I love the idea of a belly plate because a sleeping toddler for some people doesn’t afford as many posing options so I like to atleast provide extra outfit options for the dress up aspect.

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She is so fun to paint! But that head- I think it’s bigger than mine! It was time consuming to root.

Hey that looks awesome! I’ll have to store this tidbit if I ever get really brave/ crazy and paint her!


What size dress do you have on her? She is absolutely precious!!:heart:

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She is so freaking cute

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Thank you! it’s 12 mos- she is huge!