Big Joe totally destroyed my concept of "size"

Big Joe totally destroyed my concept of “size”! I just finished my second 3 month Joseph asleep, well I still have about half of his head left that I’m rooting. But I’ve done 2 Big Joe’s back to back and just had to say all other kits look tiny now! I got my order today for a few lavender kits I bought during the X-Mas sale and actually was midway through my email to customer service about hour how they sent me rosebud or something kits by mistake when a customer I had emailed prior to that called me back to tell me that yes she’s aware the Spencer I shipped out yesterday is 19", that she has several kits that size and she doesn’t consider them micro preemie…

So I threw my lavender parts against a stuffed body I had laying around and asked my husband how big he thought she was, he was like 20, 21 inches?? I couldn’t believe it, I thought she was about 14 inches, he got the measuring tape out and obviously she is not 14 inches.

I just thought this is hilarious, because I swear every normal size kit I look at now really looks like a teeny tiny micro preemie! I mixed about 10 times more paint than I needed, I hope thus wears off soon!


That’s pretty funny:) I plan on painting big Joseph at some point, but the huge size scares me:)

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I painted big Joseph. He is fun to paint.

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That can sure happen. I used to have a Great Pyrenees dog and she started looking like what a dog should look like to me even though she was huge. Other dogs just looked so wrong, so little. Even labs and other reasonable sized dogs looked small to me.
Now I’ve got two small dogs and regular sized dogs look wrong because they are so big. Go figure!
The mind is a tricky thing! LOL


My newf is 160 pounds and I never realized how huge that is until I visited my in-laws who have spaniels. They look like teacup chihuahua. Lol


That’s exactly what I meant. Our eyes and brain get so used to seeing a huge dog (ours weighed 120 and her eyes were the same height as our dining table) that when we see a smaller dog they just look crazy wrong! LOL


That’s exactly how I felt after Easton’s 23" size go to realborn 19". A few inches make so much difference!
Big Joe intimidates me (this why I put my kit on sale on Reborns), especially his limbs :rofl:, so kudos to you that you were able to complete those 2 huge kits! You will love Easton’s size, she is fun to paint, fun to dress, and not that intimidating.